Utopia through technology

We believe that the future can be fantastic! Borderline Utopia! Our day to day lives, our professional endeavors and situations where we find ourselves in need of care, should all be continuously improved. We believe that technology will be the vehicle that gets us there - with Tekhnopia behind the wheel!

From fuzzy front end...

Crazy ideas meet skilled innovation

As limitless ideation meets constructive and skillful design, the life of a great new product has begun.

... to disruptive end product

Customer need met in a radical way

At the end of the day, the user experience and the impact our products have on our users lives is what makes the difference.

We will get there!

At Tekhnopia we go all the way with a product, from the fuzzy front end to happy customer. We understand the enthusiasm and creative nature of ideation, and at the same time we acknowledge that a successful product must solve a problem. The problem might be existing, or the disruptive nature of the product creates its own demand. Still, the fascination of technology is not enough, the success begins and ends with the customer. We know the balance.

About us

Future, present and past

Tekhnopia AS was founded by Ole-Johan Ellingsen in 2012, and since 2013 we have put most our efforts in working with the XeThru technology by Novelda. This is a unique sensor technology with gamechanging potential, which we are proud to be contributing to and utilizing.

Tekhnopia is also proud of the legacy from the first company Ole-Johan co-founded, Devinco. As CTO from the beginning in 2002 until he moved on from the company in 2011, he was instrumental in the invention, development and commercialization of their two products SpeedyCraft and ViaTracks.